Do Australian Shepherds Bark Excessively?

Australian Shepherds are renowned for their high energy and vocal nature. Despite their active lifestyle, they are usually quite easy-going and may bark to alert their owners of a stranger or an unfamiliar situation. However, they can be trained to only bark when instructed or to remain silent. Mini-Australians, also known as Mini Aussies, don't usually bark excessively and only bark to inform their owner that someone is nearby or when something is wrong.

Male Australian Shepherds are incredibly territorial and tend to have difficulty getting along with other dogs and domestic pets. They are more likely to bark than other breeds, so you should anticipate your puppy to be vocal even as a pup. To control barking during these early stages, it is essential to keep your puppy between calmer dogs or away from other vocal dogs. If your dog has a tendency to bark excessively from time to time, you may be less alarmed when it begins barking excessively than when your dog generally has a mild temperament but suddenly starts barking excessively.

Australian Shepherds have been known to bark excessively when they are hurt, bored, or anxious. Therefore, if you already have another dog in your house, I suggest that you train it to stop barking before bringing in an Australian Shepherd. One of the best things about having an Australian Shepherd is that these animals make great guard dogs. Australian Shepherds are intelligent dogs that will soon associate rewards more with treats and positive results and with a change in their barking habits.

To prevent excessive barking due to boredom, make sure your dog gets enough physical exercise. By learning and understanding the barking behavior of your Australian Shepherd, you will be able to identify their mood based on the tone, the space between the barks or the number of times your dog barks in a row.

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