Do Australian Shepherds Need Grooming? - A Guide for Pet Owners

Australian Shepherds are intelligent, loyal and active dogs that need a lot of exercise and stimulation. Their long, luscious fur may appear to be a challenge, but all it really takes to properly maintain your pup's coat is to brush it regularly. Brushing your Australian Shepherd's fur once or twice a week is essential to help remove dead hair and dirt, as well as keep their fur healthy and glossy. It also helps prevent matting and encourages proper coat growth.

During the shedding season, you should brush them more often. In addition to brushing, you should also inspect your dog for ticks and other parasites. This is especially important if you take your dog out for walks in the woods or other areas where they may come into contact with these pests. Overall, Australian Shepherds don't require high maintenance like other breeds.

With regular brushing and checking for parasites, you can keep your dog healthy and looking great!.

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